Pacific rhododendron (rhododendron macrophyllum)

The Pacific rhododendron (rhododendron macrophyllum) is an upright shrub native to the Pacific Northwest, and the sta

te flower of Washington. Other species of rhododendron include albiflorum (white rhododendron) and camtschaticum (Kamchatka rhododendron).


Rhododendrons are most characterized by their thick, leathery leaves with pink/rose-purple flowers or smaller, stiff buds. Its branches are stiff and stout, and can reach 24 feet in height. The flowers have wavy margins, usually with lobes in groups of five.


Leaves thick and leathery, with margins intact

  • Rhododendron budAlternately arranged and hairless
  • Pinnate venation
  • Leaves 3-7” long, 1” wide, oblong-elliptic
  • Flowers are rose-purple to pink, bell shaped, with five lobes wavy margined, 1.5-2.5” long
  • Can reach up to 24 feet high