Angled bitter-cress (cardamine angulata)

Angled bitter-cress (Cardamine angulata) is a perennial flower in the mustard family. It can reach 70 centimeters tall, and has stems that are unbranched. The leaves are mostly on the stems, but it can have a few basal leafs, all compound with three leaflets, which can get to seven centimeters long. The flowers can be pink to white, and have four petals, 1.2 centimeters long each, in terminal clusters at the end of the stem. It prefers stream banks and moist forests at low elevation.



  • Leaves compound with three leaflets, all on stems with some basal
  • Leaves can get to 7 cm long, has five groups of lobes
  • Flowers pink to white, with four petals 1.2 cm long
  • Flowers in terminal clusters at end of stem