Red osier dogwood (cornus sericea)

Red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea, C. stolonifera, red-twig dogwood) is a species of dogwood with bright red, rounded stems. It is found along the Pacific Northwest coast and Cascade mountain range, and prefers moist soil near streams in forests, but prefers other types of wet environments. It is a tall shrub with many stems emanating from the roots, and can grow between one and six meters tall. It has oppositely arranged, deciduous leaves, five to ten centimeters long and oval in shape. For the most part they are sharply pointed at the end and have five to seven parallel, prominent veins that end at the leaf tips. Its flowers are green-white, two to four millimeters long, with four petals and stamens, clustered at the end of the branches. It produces white fruits, seven to nine millimeters long, and are inedible and bitter.  red-twig dogwood red-twig dogwood