Hooker’s fairybells (disporum hookeri)

Hooker’s fairybells (Disporum hookeri) is a perennial flower found in the lily family. Its flowers are distinguishable by their white, bell shape, with usually two hanging at the end of the branch. They are really small, but the stems can grow up to a meter tall. The leaves are lance or oval shaped, and attach onto the stem like a cup and without a petiole. They are slightly hairy and can range from five to thirteen centimeters long, and the plant likes shaded, moist environments.

hookerfairybell Hookerfairybell

  • Leaves oval or lance shaped, cupping the base around the branch and have pointed tips
  • Can reach a meter in height
  • Flowers are bell-shaped at the end of branches
  • Pistils come out from the center of the center of the flower
  • Really small flowers