False lily-of-the-valley (maianthemum dilatatum)

False lily-of-the-valley (Maianthemum dilatatum) is a perennial flower with thick leaves, reaching ten to forty centimeters tall. The leaves are alternately arranged and heart-shaped, with parallel pinnation and long stalks, reaching up to ten centimeters long. The flowers are small and white, come in fours, and are clustered around the stalk of the plant in a cylindrical cluster. It bears small berries, round and light green in color, changing to red and growing to six millimeters in diameter.Falselily

  • Leaves are heart-shaped, about 10 cm long, parallel venation, alternately arranged
  • Small, white flowers in cylindrical clusters at the end of the stalk, in groups of four
  • Berries small and round, changing from brown to red, can get to 6 millimeters