Bracken fern (pteridium aquilinum)

The bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum) is a deciduous fern native to many different environments including roadsides, burns, meadows, dry and set forests, and other areas that it can get sun (it loves sun). It can reach between three and five meters tall, and has erect, solitary ferns that are three times pinnate. The pinnae of the frond are triangular shaped and hairy with ten or more pairs per leaflet, with rolled under margins.  The lower pair of leaflets are very triangular, and get more and more reduced as it reaches the end of the frond. Sori are continuous and marginal, protected by the rolled leaf margin.


  • Deciduous fern that likes many different environments
  • Can get between 3 and 5 meters tall
  • Erect, solitary ferns that are three times pinnate
  • Pinnae are triangular shaped and hairy, with 10+ pairs per leaflet
  • Rolled margins