Cow parsnip (heracleum lanatum)

Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) is a large, perennial flower that enjoys areas like banks of streams, moist slopes, coastal marshes and beaches, and other wet areas. It has a hairy stem and has either large taproots or a cluster of roots. It can grow to three meters tall, but is usually content at one. The stem is hollow and employs many uses. The leaves are very large, reaching up to 40 centimeters long, and are divided into three segments that are palmately lobed. The flowers are white and numerous, growing very wide at the top of the plant, and stay there throughout winter until the stem is toppled down.

  • Leaves very large (10-40 cm), divided into three segments
  • Can get to three meters high
  • Perennial flower keeps its structure throughout winter
  • Stems are hairy and hollow, can be used as straws
  • Enjoys many different kinds of moist climates