Menzies Larkspur (delphinium menziesii)

Menzies’ larkspur (Delphinium menziesii) is a beautiful perennial found in the grasslands of the southern Pacific Northwest. They can get to 50 centimeters tall, and have leaves with palmately arranged leaves. The flowers are purple to deep blue with white in the center, and are furled back toward the rear of the flower, with four to six pedals. There is also a spur protruding straight from the flower, thirteen to eighteen millimeters long, containing nectar. They come in clusters of three to twenty at the end of the branch.



  • Leaves palmately divided two to three times
  • Get up to 50 cm tall
  • Purple to deep blue flowers that open back
  • Spur in the middle of the flower containing nectar, 13 to 18 mm longLeaves pinnate, thick, leathery, alternately arranged, with intact margins
  • Leaves 3-6” long, 1” wide, oblong with a lance at the end
  • Flowers are white or yellowed
  • Dark gray-red-brown bark; scaly
  • When crushed, leaves give off strong scent


Menzie's Larkspur