Oregon Iris (iris tenax)

The Oregon iris (Iris tenax) is a perennial flower hailing from the southern Pacific Northwest, reaching as high as southern British Columbia. It is a very prominent plant and can reach 40 centimeters tall, and has long, basal leaves that resemble grass. Its flowers are very distinguishable and are shaped like irises. The flowers are often lavender, but can range from blue to purple, and are paired in three pedals and septals, growing to six centimeters long. Its veins are black colored, going into a white-and-yellow center of the petal.

  • Tall, reaching up to 40 cm
  • Leaves shaped like grass, basal, long and narrow
  • Flowers are prominent, with pedals and septals in groups of threes, up to six cm long
  • Purple-blue in color but usually lavender, with prominent petalsOregon iris