Oxalis (oxalis oregana)

Oxalis (Oxalis oregana) is a perennial flower native to moist redwood and Douglas-fir forests of the Pacific Northwest. Its leaves are very noticeable due to their similarity to clover leaves: groups of three (sometimes four), heart-shaped leaves, with two lobes at the end and one connecting point. They also have a white mark going down the center of the leaf to the middle of the two lobes. The flowers have five light pink petals, with five groups of stamen coming form the center. The petals are parallel veined and have smooth edges.



  • Leaves resemble clovers: groups of three, heart-shaped leaves, two lobes at one end meeting at a point at the stem
  • White streak down center of leaf to middle of lobes
  • Flower is light pink with five pedals
  • Leaves prefer shade and flower will adjust itself throughout the day