Western Columbine (aquilegia formosa)

Western columbine (red columbine, aquilegia Formosa) is a perennial flower found in the butter cup family. It is tall and simple, and can reach up to a meter in height. Leaves are divided twice and end in threes, and have hairy to hairless blades. The flowers are small and unique, with five red spurs with glandular tips, with five or six pedals and stamen surrounded by five tubes arranged in a circle, similar to a revolver.

  • Perennial flower in buttercup family, reaching up to one meter tall with long taproot
  • Leaves are grouped into threes, twice-pinnate, and are basal
  • Flowers in groups of 2-5, with five yellow and red spurs
  • Flowers have five tubes surrounding the stamen, similar to a revolver

Western Columbine