Flowers are an essential part of almost any plant hoping to reproduce. There are many parts to flowers, each one playing an important part in its continuation.

  • The Ovary is the part of the pistil that holds the ovule.
  • Inferior ovaries are when the petals and sepals are above the ovary.
  • Superior ovaries are when the petals and sepals are below the ovary.
  • Sepals are the outermost leaves of a flower, usually formed for protection for the flower.
  • Stamen are the part of the flower that produce pollen, the ‘male’ component of the flower’s reproductive system. They are made up of an anther (containing microspores) and a filament/stalk that holds up the stamen.
  • Pistils are the main reproductive ‘female’ organ of the flower. Centrally located, the number of pistils can determine the type of flower family.
  • Perfect flowers are flowers that have the ability to self-pollinate, due to having both female and male organs
  • Imperfect flowers are flowers that either have pistils or stamen, but not both, and therefore cannot reproduce on their own.
  • Radial symmetry is present in a stereotypical flower, when petals of equal size surround a central point in the middle of the flower, with symmetry at every angle.
  • Bilateral symmetry is present in things like Rorschach paintings, with both sides having equal parts and dimensions.
  • Irregular petals are petals that appear to have no symmetry at all.


Flower family characterization

Different flower families have different biological makeups.



Sunflower-like: petals surround middle



Numerous stamens



Umbles with umbles

Hollow stems

Palmately compound leaves



Joined/bell-shaped or free petals

Five sepals, 10 stamens



inferior ovary

radially symmetrical



Superior ovary

Radially symmetrical



Square stems

Opposite leaves



Superior ovary

Four petals



Inferior ovary

Bilaterally symmetrical



2 petals joined, 3 free

Irregularly-shaped petals



Numerous stamens



Differently shaped petals; 2 upper, 2 side, 1 lower




A field guide

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